Be a movie star

Be a Movie Star

Your DREAM SERVICE is back to fulfill all your FANTASIES and DESIRES!

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“It's a pleasure to have you in one of our movies. Here are some explanations about the details that you need to know to make your DREAM COME TRUE!”

How does it work

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Airplanes Tickets

Airplanes Tickets

Client has to take a flight to Sao Paulo at the Guarulhos International Airport (GRU). Flight expenses are the clients responsibility and are not included in the service.

Make sure you have all your documents (passport, visa, hotel reservation, etc).

Booking Hotel

Booking Hotel

Hotel booking expenses are the clients responsibility and are not included in the service.

NEWMFX Videos studios are located in Praia Grande (Sao Paulo) but we do recommend our costumers to stay in Santos (25 minutos from Praia Grande).

The reason we recommend is because Santos is a beautiful touristic city and offers a better structure in addition to having many entertainment such as restaurants, bars, nightclubs, beaches, shoppings, etc.

Transfer between Hotel/Studio/Hotel is already included.

These are the hotels we recommend in terms of cost benefit for our customers. Feel free to choose what is best for you or any other of your preference.

Ibis Hotel
Ibis Hotel
Choose this
Parque Balneario Hotel
Parque Balneario Hotel
Choose this
Novotel Santos
Novotel Santos
Choose this
Transfer from/to airport

Transfer from/to airport

Transfer expenses are the clients responsibility and are not included in the service.

NEWMFX offers a private car for this type of service for US $ 200.00 (roundtrip) and the total amount is paid at the moment the customer is left at the hotel.

Rules and Conditions

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You can't

During the filming, the client must respect all the limits imposed previously between director, client and actress. In case there is any break in what was treated between director, client and actress, clientes will be NOTIFIED of such behavior and if it does not improve their conduct, will be REMOVED from the NEWMFX studios losing the right to participate in Be a Movie Star.


It is mandatory the deposit of 50% of the total amount to reserve the dates for your Be a Movie Star. This value is not refundable in case of withdrawal or any reason for no-show. The others 50% of the total amount, must have to be paid in cash before starts the recording movie (In case of more than 1 shooting day, the payment should be done in the first day of shooting).


Customers will be inspected by the security before they enter in the studio. If the security finds a suspected, dangerous or prohibited object or something that may interfere in the safety of the people on the location (client, actresses and team members), this object will be stored and returned at the end of the day in the hotel.

Our Prices

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Soft Fetishes

1 girl US$ 300.00
2 girl US$ 540.00
3 girl US$ 810.00
4 girl US$ 1,080.00
5 girl US$ 1,350.00

Scat, Piss and Vomit

1 girl US$ 500.00
2 girl US$ 900.00
3 girl US$ 1,350.00
4 girl US$ 1,800.00
5 girl US$ 2,250.00

* our prices can change in accord to the script.

** farting, kissing movies and any kind of penetration in our actresses are not allowed.


If you are interested in participating in "Be a Movie Star" send an email to with the following information:

  • Name
  • Country
  • Desired month
  • Which categories
  • Desired cast
  • Number of days
  • Number of movies